SEC's Attack on A Small Private Equity Fund - wrong in itself, and also violating Constitutional rights of equal protection
SEC v. Small Business Capital Corp.

A civil lawsuit was initiated against myself two years ago by a sealed (hidden) complaint of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. Because of this when you search my name on the internet tens of thousands of "Ponzi" citations show up.  My life, career, and my wife and kid's family legacy is forever marred in the worst of ways.  However, there is a very big problem with this lawsuit.  That problem is the fact that SEC submitted scores of utterly false financial illustrations within a sealed lawsuit (aka "hidden" so I would not know about it before my assets were seized) against me, and SEC was fully aware that their financial illustrations in their hidden lawsuit were false.  

SEC seized all of my money, and tens of millions of dollars of more than three hundred other persons' money, all while knowing it used false financial information;
see attached.  SEC is the country's highest authority on accounting expertise and integrity.  Yet SEC's own Enforcement Division CPAs submitted hidden & false financial illustrations which could never be accurate according to any accounting principals in the United States.  Show your own CPA this web site and the documents attached by hyperlink; they might be shocked that the government has pulled this off.  
Tens of millions of dollars were taken through the use of false financial statements by SEC, and nobody there has gone to jail yet, or even faced an investigation. 

There's more here.  SEC also lied about the professional licensing of their receiver, Thomas A. Seaman.  SEC falsely swore in their Court pleadings that Seaman is a licensed CPA.  Such false statements are called perjury when committed by persons outside of government employees (with their vast immunity), and people go to jail for such statements.  SEC's receiver, an unlicensed analyst, also falsely advertised himself as a CPA right before his first (of many) SEC lawsuit; see attached.  He has made many millions of dollars since then.  Everyone else not protected by court immunity or by the SEC, like Seaman is, would be going to jail for these false licensing representations and which have allowed them to make millions of dollars illicitly from taking the income and the assets of other persons.

My fund's investors have provided a federal judge in this lawsuit scores and scores of sworn declarations to the Court of their belief in fraud.  Not of me - of the SEC and its receiver.  The judge has cast these aside with little, or no, explanation.  Are federal courts helping to make America a Banana Republic?  If you think that today in the US any single individual, and without an army of attorneys behind them, (I have no attorney since all of my money was taken) has the power of the Constitution backing them, you might be wrong.

SEC runs its own Administrative Court system, in case it does not accomplish what it desires through civil courts.  Their internal court system has all the appearance of but just rubber stamping their own employee misconduct; see attached.  Read the Job Description of SEC's Enforcement CPA and you will see there is absolutely no credibility in SEC's claim to not have created false financial statements, and to have only made "good faith errors"; see attached.

Since when does a federal Agency of thousands of employees and a multi-billion dollar annual budget, acting the part of white collar criminals, instead of chasing white collar criminals, solve any problem in this country?  Five years after Madoff, and following predictable historical patterns in the U.S. of a government with no ability for self-control, and in which federal employees enjoy immunity for their actions well beyond that ever afforded other citizens, the pendulum has swung from the Ponzi crimes of Madoff to SEC employees committing white collar financial crimes. 

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