SEC's Attack on A Small Private Equity Fund - wrong in itself, and also violating Constitutional rights of equal protection
SEC v. Small Business Capital Corp.
Hello To You,

A civil lawsuit was initiated against myself, and investment funds that I founded and managed with about three hundred investors, by the SEC in June of 2012.   SEC submitted its lawsuit sealed.  Hidden, in other words. 

However, there is a problem here.  What they hid was the fact that all of SEC's financial illustrations were false.  Their illustrations could never be accurate according to any accounting principals in any country.  Show your own CPA these court pleadings, and ask what they thinks.  SEC thinks that everybody is a moron, apparently.

Is SEC more powerful than the Constitution and the American people and their rights of due process and rights against false seizure

It gets better.  SEC also lied about the professional licensing of their receiver, Thomas A. Seaman.  They lied and said that he was a licensed certified public accountant.  In two SEC lawsuits in a row, in fact, to make sure that he was appointed...and he has made more than $5,000,000 income in these lawsuits by sitting quietly and not saying a peep while SEC falsely represented him.  Seaman is actually an unlicensed analyst.  That's ok, isn't it, for a falsely licensed party to seize over $35,000,000 of private property from Americans, isn't it, and to take more than $5,000,000 income from the persons that he is supposedly trying to help?  Yes, this kind of stuff is going on right now in America, and not just in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Apparently my fund's investors don't think that it's ok.  They have written hundreds of letters and sworn declarations to the Court attesting to their belief in fraud of SEC and its receiver.  The federal judge in this lawsuit has cast aside the very broad consensus of the so-called "harmed" investors for two years now that any fraud was of SEC and its receiver.  SEC has not been held accountable at all for false financial illustrations and false licensing of its recommended receiver.  Is this still America, land of the free, home of the brave, and with a real Constitution of the People, by the People, and for the People.  Or are we now living in a Banana Republic?

If you have gotten to this point on this web page, and you have read through my court pleadings, hopefully by now you have arrived at a clear impression that the stench emanating from SEC's lawsuit leaves a putrid aroma wafting from Washington through Los Angeles, and from Chicago through El Paso.  If you think that in the year 2014 that any single individual in this country has the power of the Constitution backing them, you might be wrong.  In matters like this lawsuit, at least in the short run, it's really more about how much money you have to hire big gun attorneys. Of course, if SEC has your assets seized by way of employing false financial illustrations about you in a sealed lawsuit, it might be difficult to have any legal representation at all.  Right, SEC?  Funny how that could work in your favor, SEC.

But time, and truth, are on my side.  Lookout SEC, you can run but you can't hide.  A Supreme Court review of this lawsuit is inching closer every single day, and Supreme Court justices will see SEC's blatant use of the prejudicial term Ponzi for what it was - just a smokescreen for SEC to try to look the part of a hero Agency by appearing to now put their Madoff debacle behind them and pretending that they solved, or erased, the problem. 

Since when does a federal Agency acting the part of a criminal, instead of chasing criminals, solve any problem in this country?

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